Instagram business accounts are very popular now

Posted by John 27/02/2016

Instagram business accounts are very popular now

 By creating an account for your brand you have an opportunity to socialize with your clients, to be visually more involved in their lives, in other words, your brand, your product will be in sight during the day. Your account is a good possibility to tell your followers a visual story. The point of this is to make people visit your account and share it with friends, all these will get you more followers, potential users of your product. So you should know what should be done in order to make your account catching, namely which photos you should post.

So, this article is about to tell you which types of Instagram posts people like to share with their followers. This should help your brand to engage as many people as possible.

1. If you want to achieve success at social internet marketing It`s good to involved your followers. That’s not very hard by making opportunities for your followers to take a photos with content that you need. You can`t get to this by doing nothing. Remember, you are telling story, so do it in the way to intrigue your fans to help you in business. Easy way to do this is for instance, to announce a competition, in which followers should make your product ( using your product ); this will give them a possibility to get to your Instagram account. You can also add some conditions like to tag your account on their post or to put your special hashtag under the post ( this can lead other Instagram users to see other of your photo). Of course your fans will readily do this, because there is also a profit for them, as they will be seen by more “Instagramers”. So, as a result people will share their photos with you and all their friends.

By doing this you will being making sharing platform. This will be very helpful for your brand`s account to grow quickly.

The good example of such strategy is the account of close designer, which offered her fans to repost particular photo, than in defined day she randomly chose the winner and present product which were on the photo to him or her.


(P.S. You also can ask winner to take photo with the present and post it your account.)


  1. If you just created business account and you are thinking of getting as many followers as you can, there are some helpful advice for you
  • Try to cooperate with prominent bloggers.
  • Cooperate with representatives from other brands unrelated to your business.
  • Invite famous people, stars, actors, singers, act to take photo of them using your product.
  • Cooperate with Instagram users that are more popular than you.

Think this information through, this can help you to improve your trust levels. For example the well-known bloggers, that have a big amount of views on You Tube, can tell in one of his or her video something good about your product and mention your Instagram account encouraging viewers to follow you.

Talking about cooperating with other brand, you can for example offer them to create something together, and also ask to post photo with your common product on their account and tag you. So it will also help you to get more followers, as far as their followers will visit your account and if they are interested in your product they will follow you too.

  1. Also equally important part of your Instagram story is behind the scenes photos. That means you can share simple life of your creative group, because everyone are interested in simple life photos, not just in product photos.

Let people know that you are a real group of people, that you are a good company, that you are not just releasing some stuff but also have a life behind this.

  • Try to share photos of your group meeting.
  • Photos where you organize, for example, a birthday party of your company member.
  • Or, for instance, you can share photos of work proses.

Here it is handmade jewelry account. This woman does really amazing things. Looking through her account u can see her personal photos during the day, photos with her family, photos of her working place. By sharing such photos she realty telling us a story. She shares with us her life, some interesting details of her day  and also a big amount of beautiful photos where she represents her wonderful jewelry.


 People want to know that they are following not just a product / brand, that is not so interesting, but  a real person or group of people with bright life and creative ideas that they want to share with people.

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