Buy Cheap Instagram Followers: Is It Worth It?

Posted by John 24/02/2016 Instagram,

Buy Cheap Instagram Followers: Is It Worth It?

Instagram has become a great part of social media networks as it gains more and more users every day. That is something social media marketers have to take note of – they now have to incorporate Instagram along with other social media networks into their marketing plan in order for the one to be effective. One of the most frequent questions among Instagram users today is whether one should buy cheap Instagram followers. This question seems especially relevant for those engaged in social media marketing campaigns. So, is it worth buying cheap Instagram followers?

Cheap vs Expensive Instagram Followers

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If you have been in this business for a while you have probably noticed that there are many providers offering to buy Instagram followers at a low price ($2.00 for 1,000 followers for example) while there are vendors who offer the same amount of followers for the price staring at $8.00 or even $10.00. And a legitimate question would be why should I pay more? Fake followers are fake followers after all, right? However, there is a difference. You have to be careful not to get burnt when buying Instagram followers. Despite the fact that a fake follower will never be a real fan there is still a difference between the quality of fake followers’ accounts.

Very often those offering cheap Instagram followers provide low quality fake fans. The thing is that low quality Instagram followers are created much easier and faster; therefore, providers can create more accounts in less time. It is quite simple as it explains why these followers are as

cheap as $2.00 for 1000 followers. This kind of followers may not be what you are looking for since the purpose of buying a fake Instagram follower is to appear to have real fans in the eyes of potential followers. Low quality fake fans are not very good at accomplishing this mission since it is quite easy to tell they are not real fans and were simply bought. All you need to do to see that is to check their profile pictures, names, etc. If people are able to spot posts on their Instagram pages about buying fans, it means you have low quality followers. So if you care about the quality of your marketing campaign you should also think about the quality of followers you want to buy.

Should I Buy Cheap Ones?

Although getting many followers for such a small price can surely be quite tempting, it isn’t a great idea if your reputation matters to you. Opting for cheap followers isn’t always a good choice simply because it can seriously damage the reputation you have worked hard to establish. As a matter of fact, buying cheap followers can result in losing some real fans of your Instagram account. If you have already bought some low quality followers you may want to get rid of them when you realize they bring more harm than good. For example, they can start posting some spam photos about buying likes and cheap Instagram followers. Going through your account and blocking them all manually can become a huge headache, especially if you bought a lot of them.

So if you think about it, buying cheap followers isn’t really worth it. Why should one waste money on something that may hurt one’s reputation? It is not that buying followers is all wrong. Not at all. It is rather about buying high quality followers that can become a helpful tool of effective social media marketing plan. Don’t be in a hurry when buying followers. It requires time and patience to figure out what kind of followers you need and what fits best in the context of your marketing plan. 

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